How Strong is Your Will Power?

How Strong is Your Will Power?

So, you have a will? Great! The next question is, is it up to date?

Not only is it important to have a will in the first place, but it is as equally important to ensure it is kept up to date whenever your circumstances change.

Have you recently purchased a new home? A new car? Or another expensive item? Have you recently expanded your family?

Here at de Groots wills and estate lawyers we want to make sure that your will reflects your current wishes, not the wishes of the 20 or 30 year old you. So, we have compiled a useful Checklist containing some important points to consider around will making.

Should you have any questions about making a new will or revising an existing one, we invite you to contact our experienced Estate Planning Team by telephone on (07) 3221 9744 or visit our website to get started online. We’re ready to assist you with your estate planning needs.

How Strong is Your Will Power?

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