Deceased Estates and Trust Administration

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Deceased Estates and Trust Administration

When the time comes for your wishes to be carried out, we have the expertise to ensure the intentions expressed in your will are fully realised.

In a practical sense, we can help your executor with such tasks as the collection of your assets, probate and transmission applications, tax issues such as capital gains and the distribution of your estate.

Having the professional services of an experienced team of estate lawyers will give your family peace of mind rather than putting you or your family under unnecessary stress at a difficult time.

Why use professional services to administer an estate?

Professional administration of your estate is essential, particularly in these times of increased litigation and contesting of wills.

Our experienced team of estate lawyers will ensure that the management of your estate is undertaken efficiently and effectively so that it will be clearly and easily understood by everyone involved.

We provide personalised service and explain things in plain language so our valuable clients never feel overwhelmed as they deal with the loss of a loved one.

Next steps

For any matter to do with a deceased estate or trust administration, contact us to arrange an appointment.