Estate Dispute Resolution and Litigation

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Estate Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Should you ever want to contest a will, it’s important to have a legal representative who understands both the legal aspects and the strong emotions that often come with these situations.

No one likes to feel wronged. Our estate dispute lawyers will work with you to reduce the stress and complexities of contesting a will, while building your case to assist you to achieve a favourable outcome.

We provide personalised service and explain things in plain language, so you never feel overwhelmed when you are dealing with an estate dispute.

Have expertise on your side

Our team of estate dispute lawyers can help you with family provision applications, general claims against deceased estates, disputes over the validity of wills and mediations over associated disputes.

Our approach is to firstly undertake a detailed investigation of the matter to ensure that we are fully informed and on a sound foundation prior to advising you. With this knowledge, we can offer you an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

While always looking at the possibility of an out-of-court settlement, we will progress the matter to a court determination if necessary.

Next steps

Contact us to discuss an estate dispute you are considering pursuing.

We appreciate that you will often be speaking with us about the most personal, heartfelt, and emotional issues, and we assure you that all that you communicate to us or share with us is held in the utmost confidence.