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Will Drafting

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By making a will, you are protecting your loved ones’ interests and will free them of unnecessary worries at a time of distress and bereavement.

de Groots has focussed on the preparation of wills since 1986. We match you with a suitable will drafting lawyer who will provide personalised service to address your needs.

Once you have a will, you can have peace of mind knowing that your wishes concerning your estate have been legally and clearly recorded and will be followed (although, depending on your circumstances, you cannot prevent a family provision application being made however unmeritorious it may be). You will also save your family from the emotional distress of dealing with an intestacy.

Our friendly team will make sure you understand what is being discussed and ensure that you are clear on what needs to happen next.

From a will to complex estate planning

At de Groots, our experience in will drafting gives us an appreciation of both the importance of a will and the emotions that can arise when making one.

To make the process comfortable for you, we take the time to listen and to create an environment to help you feel at ease.

It is important to us that you feel fully involved in the will preparation process and secure in the knowledge that your intentions have been clearly stated, no matter how complex your situation.

Estate planning services

Our team is skilled in preparing wills in both simple and complex estates.

We ensure, as much as the law allows, that your wishes are expressed in a robust legal framework and that strategies are employed to protect your family from unnecessary financial or legal problems.

Close attention is paid to areas such as the guardianship of your children and choosing an enduring attorney.

Next steps

Contact de Groots to discuss the creation of your will. We have offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.