Guidelines for Guardians

Guidelines for Guardians

One of the most important decisions for a parent is selecting a guardian for his or her child or children. As a mother of young children, I can certainly relate to this topic. This is not a decision to be taken lightly.

In choosing a guardian, it is important to select someone who will take your children’s best interests into account and who will consider your wishes regarding their upbringing.

However, in many instances, simply selecting a guardian is not enough. The guardian may not be aware that you have an ardent wish that your child attends a particular school or be raised in a particular faith.

Rather than simply selecting a guardian, it is also helpful to leave the guardian with a set of guidelines which may assist your guardian with raising your child or children.

At de Groots wills and estate lawyers we have carefully considered this issue and prepared a comprehensive document titled ‘Guidelines for the Testamentary Guardians of Children’. This document is intended to help parents identify the issues relating to their children which are important to them and to ensure that their wishes are recorded for the guardians of their children.

Some of the relevant considerations include questions surrounding children’s education, religion, health, accommodation, upbringing and development, for example, sports, hobbies and other interests.

This document will be invaluable to the guardians of your children and assist them with making choices about their upbringing, based on your wishes.

If you have any questions regarding appointing a guardian for your children, or guidelines for guardians, please do not hesitate to contact one of our offices:

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At de Groots wills and estate lawyers, we are able to provide you with guidance regarding selecting a guardian for your children. Further, we can draft specific guidelines for guardians which are relevant to your family’s circumstances.

By selecting a guardian for your children and preparing guidelines for him or her, you will be relieved in knowing that your wishes for your children’s upbringing are recorded.


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