Give Your Family Peace of Mind This Christmas With a Bespoke Estate Plan from de Groots wills and estate lawyers

Bespoke Estate Plan

Metaphorically speaking, we as humans enter the world with an “undefined expiry date,” and unlike a carton of milk or tin of spaghetti, we aren’t stamped with a six-digit code clearly displaying when our time is up.

Which, is probably ideal when the last thing anyone wants to constantly be reminded of, contemplate, or plan for is death, whether it be their own death or that of a loved one. But unfortunately, as we know, death is inevitable, it is unforgiving, it is uncontrollable and ultimately, it is unavoidable.

Fortunately, there is something that is avoidablesomething that we can controlAnd that is, the potential for any prolonged heartache and stress involuntarily imposed on those we leave behind as a result of an ill-considered estate plan, or worse – no estate plan at all (in cases of intestacy).

So do the right thing by your family this Christmas by creating your very own bespoke estate plan with de Groots wills and estate lawyers. Contact our experienced Estate Planning Team today by telephone on (07) 3221 9744 or visit our website to get started online.

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