Fisk: Why making a will is “on trend”

Fisk: Why making a will is "on trend"

In Episode 2 (Season 2) of “Fisk”, Helen’s day got off to a relatable start.

In need of a caffeine kick-start, Helen called in to Blendology, the blended beverage bar situated en route to her office at Gruber & Associates.

Malcolm (the bliss-fuelled blended beverage artisan who never recognizes Helen, despite her being one of his regular customers) tells Helen “there’s no caffeine I’m afraid”.

Malcolm recommended a “Chickory Kickory Shock” instead, telling Helen “that will give you a real punch in your awareness”.

Wisely Helen orders the smoothie. She’s going to need plenty of energy for the day ahead of her, which includes a meeting with new client Mareena (or @kweenmareen to her Instagram followers).

In a brief introductory chat, Fisk learns that the glamourous Mareena was a former medical researcher who has decided she can help more people as an influencer, with “a brand within the lifestyle space”.

Mareena then declares “I want to make a video will!”

Fisk swiftly douses Mareena’s aspirations with some sound legal advice from a “plain-faced” lawyer in a “coastal grandma” brown suit, advising her “That’s not a thing”.

Mareena responds “Exactly! I’ll be the first! I’ve even thought of a hashtag – “#willennial” because it’s like a will…but for a millennial!”.

Fisk proceeds to “explain a few things about wills and estates” which reduces Mareena to literal tears…of boredom. All she wanted to do was start a trending hashtag!

Fisk does her best to try to persuade Mareena that making a “good old-fashioned paper will” can be “responsible fun, like ordering two entrees instead of a main!” but Mareena decides “What’s the point? Its not like I’m going to die anytime soon”.

Fisk tells Mareena: “We don’t know that, life is random”.

A few days later Fisk’s parting sensible words on the topic prove prophetic.

Whilst seated in the prime window seat at Blendology (reserved for influencers of her calibre), Mareena witnesses the demise of George’s Luxolab Gaming Chair (banished from the office by Ros) when it falls off the back of a ute onto the street and spectacularly explodes.

Neither Mareena nor any of the other blended beverage bystanders come to any harm but, in the aftermath, Mareena realizes that she should have heeded Fisk’s advice. Not unlike the touted effects of a “Chickory Kickory Shock”, the experience has “punched her in her awareness” and she promptly returns to Gruber & Associates to tell Fisk: “You were right Helen! Everyone should make a will!”

We couldn’t agree more.

If you are a millennial and haven’t made a Will or an Enduring Power of Attorney, we strongly recommend that you do this without delay. Don’t wait for life to deliver a “punch in your awareness”. See us now for expert assistance to get these important documents in place.

We can’t help you with a video Will because, as Fisk told Mareena, that’s not a thing.

However, we can help you get started online with our estate planning questionnaire which you’ll find at and you can request an appointment with one of our team of estate planning lawyers via the same portal.

At the end of her first meeting with Fisk, Mareena was distressed that she hadn’t made a social media post all day and that her Instagram followers might therefore quickly lose interest in her brand.

We can’t help wondering about the adverse impact any future loss of capacity might have on her hard earned “sponning” deals…

If you’ve invested precious time and effort to build an online social and/or business presence, you’ll obtain great peace of mind with our digital assets provisions included in your documents.

And if you’re curious to read more on the topic of video will making and the reasons why Fisk advised Mareena against this approach, look out for our next post!

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